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Shopping for short dresses, party dresses and sexy dresses on Sheba’s Fashion Apparel will give you so many great choices for going out, intimate dinners, parties, clubs or just because. The short dresses show off your legs and make a definite statement when you wear them. You’ll turn heads when you wrap your body in the fierce party dresses. The club wear dresses will give you the freedom of showing off your body and dancing the night away. All of the short dresses are form fitted to show off your curves and are excellent fashion apparel pieces to wear and adore.
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Short Dress - Str. Sequin 770
Short Dress - Str. Sequins 769
Short Dress - Str. Sequins 760
Short Dress - Str. Sequins 740
Short Dress - Str. Sequins 754
Fajas Salome Liposculpture Girdle
Was: $115.00
Now: $99.99
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