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Shop the Cheviotto Jeans brand for comfort, style and great benefits for your body. These butt lifting jeans also known as jeans levanta cola, are your booty’s best friend! Cheviotto Jeans accentuate and lift your behind all while looking flirty and fun. A Colombian based clothing brand, the jeans are tailored to adorn your legs and butt just perfectly. Cheviotto Jeans come in many different designs, patterns and colors. They go great with any combination of tops, blouses, shoes and accessories. Each pair of jeans is made with a woman’s curves in mind; Cheviotto Jeans knows how to show off the most sumptuous areas by also being classy and feminine.
IMPORTANT: Please note that this merchandise runs out of stock very quickly. Please Contact Us to ensure that this product is available prior to submitting your payment.
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Red Satin Rhinestone Pump
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