About Us

Sheba's Fashion Apparel is an Online Boutique of body enhancing apparel for every woman. We are a company for women, by women, 
seeking to help our customers discover their inner beauty and confidence.
At Sheba's Fashion Apparel we not only care about the clothes you wear on the outside, but we also care about how those clothes make
you feel on the inside. We believe that women need to wear their clothes, and not let their clothes wear them. When you are wearing
clothing of the highest quality, it makes a difference; not only in how you look, but how you feel. Self-esteem comes when you are
confident about yourself, and feel good in the skin you're in.
What We Can Do For You 
Sheba's Fashion Apparel is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality clothing that flatters all women. We offer only
branded and authentic clothing made in the USA or Colombia, so you know our unique products are of superior quality. You can rest easy
knowing that the item you ordered online will be the exact item that appears on your doorstep. 
Since the mission of Sheba's Fashion Apparel is to make women feel like the beautiful, unique creatures they are, we offer products that
focus on body shaping and enhancement. We are not looking to change your body, we are looking to highlight and beautify your natural
qualities. At Sheba's we specialize in body shapers, butt lifting jeans, corsets, evening dresses, and beachwear; from brands like
Co'coon, Salome, Zaray, Cheviotto, Nom de Plume and Daisy Corsets.
Sheba's Fashion Apparel offers trusted, easy payment methods on our secure website. You can also count on impeccable customer
service, with representatives fluent in English and Spanish. We are always here for you if you have any questions or issues. Visit our
Contact Us page to email or live chat with a customer service representative.
We look forward to guiding you on your path to true beauty!
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